Resources & Groups

Resources & Groups

Rent Strike Groups

A number of groups have popped up that serve as organizing hubs for rent strikes. (A few existed before.) You can find local information and support here:

Calgary: FB page | FB page (Renters Action Movement – Calgary)
Edmonton: FB group
Guelph: FB group
Halifax: FB group (Halifax Tenants’ Union)
Hamilton : FB page
Kingston: FB page
Montreal: website | FB group | FB page
Niagara: FB page
Oakville: FB group
Ottawa: FB group | FB page
Regina: FB group
Toronto: website | FB group
Vancouver: website | FB group
Victoria: FB group | FB page (Victoria Tenant Action Group)
Winnipeg: FB group


Parkdale Organize has useful information about the “Keep Your Rent” Campaign, including answers to legal questions and navigating landlord responses. (This page also includes downloadable posters / materials.)

The Montreal Rent Strike group (a.k.a. the White Sheets for the Rent Strike) is also building an archive of resources on their website. And they have downloadables in their FB group under Files and Units.

More downloadable materials from Keep Your Rent are available in the Files tab of their FB group.

The Ottawa Rent Strike group also has a collection of PDFs in the Files tab of their FB group.

Rent Strike Vancouver has released a toolkit and other resources here.

Other posters from Montreal activists who initiated the rent strike, are available here. (Along with their general call to action, this includes a link to legal considerations specific to Quebec.)

An extended FAQ with legal considerations for Toronto/Ontario is here.

ACORN has shared some thoughts on movement organizing while social distancing.

Information / Analysis

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has analyzed how many people are likely unable to pay their rent and other helpful information about the housing crisis, in The Rent Is Due Soon: Financial Insecurity and COVID-19.

Right to Housing Toronto has recommendations for each level of government.

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